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Barossa Topographical Map

Barossa Grounds Map

Barossa Regional Event Strategy

Barossa Regional Event Strategy - Full

Barossa Regional Event Strategy - Summary

Employment Placement Providers

Employment Placement Providers

Fact Sheets

Barossa Growers Guide

Bud Mite detection and prevention

Enhancing Biodiversity in the Vineyard

Managing Grapevines in a heatwave

Glyphosate Resistant Weeds

Post Harvest Care 

Powdery Mildew

Downy Mildew

Vineyard Soil Health

Weed control Handbook for Declared Plants in South Australia

Eutypa Fact Sheets and Presentations

Eutypa Dieback

Grafting Fact Sheets and Presentations

Pros and Cons of Grafting: Tony Hoare 2014

Pros and Cons of Grafting part 2 (PDF 264kb) Tony Hoare

To Graft or not to Graft: Tony Hoare 2007

Post Grafting Management: Tony Hoare 2010


Spray Drift Incident Report


Barossa Ingredients

Barossa Old Vine Charter (background reading)

Barossa Vineyard Register

Barossa Vineyard Plantings & Tonnes Crushed

Winegrape Utilisation & Pricing Surveys

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Is Your Vineyard Bare? Or are you reaping the benefits of mulch and compost? BGWA/BVTG workshop 9 August 2016

Premium, Profitable, Sustainable Barossa Growers Trial - Presentation by Kirsty Waller

Importance of Organic Matter in Vineyards - Presentation by Glenn McGourty

The Benefits of Mulch - Presentation by Brooke Howell

Soil Health and Floor Management Barossa - Presentation by Chris Penfold

Barossa Water Management Workshop 8 October 2014

BGWA water management workshop Oct 2014: WAP (PPTX 300kb)

BGWA water management workshop Oct 2014 ADAM PIETSCH (PDF 4584kb)

BGWA water management workshop Oct 2014: Sentek (PPTX 1255kb)

BGWA water management workshop Oct 2014: Daniel Habermann (PDF 8632kb)

BGWA water management workshop Oct 2014: Dr Mike McCarthy (PPTX 1220kb)

BGWA Grower Breakfast Presentations 29 July 2014

Tony Hoare Presentation (PDF 262kb)

Nuredin Habili Presentation (PDF 2165kb)

Chris Rogers Presentation (PDF 895kb)

Large vineyard case study – Jana Shepherd, Regional Viticulturist, Treasury Wine Estates (PPT 7838kb) - June 2014

Medium size vineyard case study – Roger Maywald, vineyard manager Nuriootpa Research Centre (PPT 772kb) - June 2014

Small vineyard case study - Karl Schiller, vineyard manager, Menglers Hill Vineyard (PPT 26,358kb) - June 2014

BGWA information session - Improving soil health: Dr Belinda Rawnsley, May 2014

Rare & Distinguished Wine Presentation - Chinese

Rare & Distinguished Wine Presentation - French

Landmark Australia Masterclass Booklet - China, May 2012