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Taste – Barossa


Barossa food is some of the best in world. So when you buy a Barossa product you want to be sure of its authenticity and quality, from the soil to the tip of your tongue. The Barossa Trust Mark is that promise.  The following businesses have all earned a Barossa Trust Mark for one or more of their truly Barossan food products.


Apex Bakery: 1924 Dough Ferment Loaf

The Barossa is the Apex Bakery’s home and the Fechner family have been part of the Barossa community for three generations.Current owner Corey Fechner’s grandfather, Keith “Chiney” Fechner kept the…

Barb Buggy's Barossa Kitchen: Barossa Bark

Barossa Bark is a unique, premium quality lavosh-style crisp bread that renowned Barossa Chef Barb Buggy created and developed in her own kitchen.Named after the strips of bark that fold…

Eleni Barossa Hand Made

Eleni obtained a Cordon Bleu’s Certificate from Sillwood College in Cape Town and a BA Degree in the Culinary Arts from the University of Orebro in Sweden. Since coming to…

Hutton Vale Farm: Hutton Vale Farm Lamb

Respect for Mother Nature and the season means the farm’s produce captures the true essence of the soils and natural pastures. The sheep enterprise has been part of its sustainable…

Linke's Butcher: Mettwurst

Graham Linke’s ancestors left Silesia in Northern Europe and landed in South Australia in 1838 to build a new life. Each generation worked hard to succeed and in 1928 George…

The Dairyman Barossa

The Dairyman produces artisan farm butter and cream from grass fed Jersey cows on the farm in the Barossa Valley.The butter is churned in small batches, using a traditional techniques…

Barossa Coffee Roasters

Established in 2010 after years of roasting coffee for their own pleasure, Paul and Janelle Amos created Barossa Coffee Roasters, tucked away on their vineyard property on the Barossa’s fertile…