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Barossa Events

Full Moon Farm Gate

17 May 2014, 4:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Langmeil Winery, Cnr Langmeil & Para Roads, Tanunda

Who's up for some all organic, conscious and sustainable goodness under a full moon, in the very spot that once was Tanunda’s original trading market?

The Full Moon Farm Gate is all about delicious things being good for us. Hanging out under a full moon happens to be one of those delicious things, but beyond that, you'll find all sorts of handmade wholefoods, homegrown organic produce and the very yummiest ways to get green stuff in your body - kale chips, green smoothies, you know the kind of thing! There'll be superfood cola, and yep, amazingly that's good for you too, organic grains freshly milled right there on site, fermented goodness like sourdough and kombucha, locally roasted coffee with organic plant based milks, proper tea in proper teapots, and the most beautiful hand tended seedlings for your veggie garden - just to name a few!

Gives 'oh my goodness' a new meaning huh?!

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