Meet the Producer

Inspired by the Barossa’s culinary pedigree, a fresh crop of talented and energetic food producers are on the scene.

Each month we will meet a new producer and find out more about their history, produce and importantly how best to enjoy it!

Meet the Producer: Rehn Bier

Award winning small batch artisan beer.

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Meet the Producer: Tathra Homestead

Organic Olive Oils, Dukkah, Eggs & seasonal produce.

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Meet the Producer: Barossa Heritage Pork

Barossa raised Berkshire and Tamworth pigs

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Meet the Producer: Wiech's Barossa Valley Egg Noodles

Barossa made egg noodles using authentic ingredients

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Meet the Producer: Gully Gardens

Handpicked & cut dried fruit & natural confectionery.

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Meet the Producer: Zimmy's Barossa Valley Produce

Locally produced condiments using fresh garden produce.

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Meet the Producer: Thornby

Country butcher sourcing the finest local meats

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jersey fresh

Meet the Producer: Jersey Fresh

Farm-fresh sweet, non-homogenised milk.

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Linkes Butcher

Meet the Producer: Linke's Butcher

Barossa smallgoods from 19th century family recipes.

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Barossa Bark

Meet the Producer: Barossa Bark

Delicious, handmade lavosh-style crispbread.

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Did You Know?

""Autumn is a time when many foods are ripe for picking, often in the wild along roadsides. As you drive over bridges or look down into creeks you see the sudden gold of quinces ripening on rogue trees that must have been seeded from gardens of earlier settlers." Angela Heuzenroeder (Barossa Food)"