Meet the Producer: Barossa Capers

Contact: Kym & Meredith Hobbs

Phone: (08) 8564 2957

Address: PO Box 384, ANGASTON, SA, 5353



Barossa capers and caperberries are grown, processed and packed entirely by the Hobbs family at their home on the outskirts of Angaston.

The caper patch of approximately 150 bushes was planted in 2007 in moderately fertile soil on a sloping well-drained site. The Barossa's Mediterranean style climate, which mirrors the caper plants' natural environment, creates capers and caperberries of superior flavour.

During summer, the work is intensive, with Kym, Meredith and their three children all pitching in harvest these low growing, sprawling bushes.  This is a labour intensive job, usually done in the early morning before the heat of the day.  The unopened flower buds, which are the capers, are harvested every 7 to 10 days and the caper berries are picked every 3-5 days, all by hand. Pruning occurs during winter when the plants are dormant.

The curing process begins immediately after picking and requires careful attention before the capers and berries are packaged.

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Salted Capers – Gourmet smalls (40 gm jar), mediums (75 gm jar)

Caperberries – 120gm net weight jar

[bulk products are available only at the Farmers Market or on request]


Direct from the Hobbs

Barossa Farmers Market (seasonally)

The Bite: 

A new, high-quality artisan product for the Barossa to compliment its renowned food and wine culture.



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