Food Heroes: Saskia Beer

Saskia Beer & Barossa Farm Produce

Saskia is an artisan producer of premium pork, poultry and charcuterie. Working from a paddock to plate philosophy means quality and flavour are more important than efficiency. She knows the origin of every animal that comes into her hands, working with local farmers that share her commitment to low impact and stress free rearing.

The Product: She is recognised throughout Australia as a premium supplier of corn-fed free-range poultry, milk-fed lamb and suckling pigs. Being a good Barossa girl, she uses every part of the animal, thus a range of naturally fermented, dry cured and aged artisan charcuterie from free range, heritage breed Berkshire Pork is an important part of her product line.

Tracing the Hands: Saskia says, “I have always stood by every product because I know exactly where it came from, and how it was farmed. I have spent most of my adult life redefining farming techniques to focus on producing an excellent product to eat and not a 'commodity'. When we say free range – we can define it. When we say vegetarian – we mean it, when we say chemical free – we know that we are.”

Why Barossa: Born and bred in the Barossa, Saskia is part of a family passionate about this region. Now with children of her own, she happily tells anyone how proud she is to live in a supportive community with a rich and
tangible food and wine culture.

Availability: Nationally & Barossa Farmers Market.


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