Food Heroes: Wiech’s Barossa Valley Egg Noodles

Making egg noodles is a Barossa tradition that has been passed down through generations. The Wiech’s Noodle story began in 1935 when the Tanunda Hotel asked Marie Wiech, renowned for her deft hand at noodle making, to provide noodles for the soup they served.

Never straying far from Tanunda, Marie made nudeln in her kitchen. With limited space, every bed in the house was put into service as drying tables. Finally in 1984, her daughter Margarete moved the noodle making operation out of the family home to a dedicated site (still in Tanunda, of course).

The Product: The range has been expanded to include Ribbon, Fine and Spaghetti Traditional Home Style Noodles, Organic Original, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Chilli Noodles and True Spelt Noodles.

Tracing the Hands: Since 1935 it is still flour, eggs, water, air and the hands of tradition.

The business, passed from generation to generation of the Wiech family, was sold to Val and David West in 2007 by Marie’s granddaughter.

“Noodles have been an important food in the Barossa for as long as there have been hens here. Without noodles there would not have been the noodle soup that was the classic opening course of every Sunday meal.” Angela Heuzenroder of Barossa Food

Why Barossa: The culinary influence of the German speaking Silesian settlers on the Barossa shows no sign of waning, with eager consumers seeking out the product and committed new owners continuing the tradition.

Availability Nationally and the Barossa Farmers Market.


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