Food Heroes: William and Claire Wood

Carême Traditional Pastry

Husband and wife team William and Claire Wood are both passionate about quality, food and flavour. William is the creative talent behind Carême and is dedicated to the art of creating perfect pastry, inspired by both the science of baking as well as its tasty rewards. Claire is responsible for the marketing and business side of Carême. It is simply a perfect match.

The Product: Established in 2005, Carême produces handcrafted, ready to bake pastry. They started out making all butter puff pastry for restaurants and then quickly expanded to service consumers in retail outlets. Their range now includes three additional pastries - sour cream, chocolate and vanilla bean shortcrust.

Tracing the Hands: Operating from a small bakehouse in Tanunda, William uses traditional methods and the finest quality natural ingredients, free from all additives, preservatives, colourings and stablisers. All products are genuinely hand made.

‘‘The Carême brand is superior to anything on the market. I would never make my own puff ever again.” Stephanie Alexander

Why Barossa: William and Claire acknowledge that they could have established Carême anywhere, but it was important for them to be part of a supportive community where food is an essential part of daily life.

Availability: Nationally


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