The Barossa Food Story

The Barossa Food story is a multi-faceted, continually evolving ode to seasonality and regionality. It tells of fruit ripened to perfection and vegetables bursting with real flavour. Of milk and cheese that taste of goodness and of poultry, pork and lamb that are fed well and nurtured with kindness. Of artisan food prepared with care and passion. And of time-honored recipes passed down through six generations. 


It is a story that weaves tradition and innovation into an edible, timeless tapestry. 

Inspired by the Barossa’s culinary pedigree, a fresh crop of talented and energetic food producers are on the scene with products as diverse as cheese, pastry, bread and olive oil. Now the Barossa shopping list has expanded further to include unpredictable offerings such as chocolate, coffee and tea.

This is the Barossa’s contemporary food culture, sustained by tradition and informed by modern artisans. Heritage meets innovation, and the reinterpretation of the Barossa’s culinary folklore sits easily alongside traditional methodology.

Here is a food culture that continues to thrive, one that resonates with the resilience of its people and, above all, offers a heartwarming welcome to all. This is a delicious story, one that fills the heart as well as the belly, giving comfort as well as contentment.

Food is an integral part of the community’s life, a weave of tightly held customs, shared traditions and exhilarating innovation.

The Barossa table overflows with astounding generosity, with rich earthy flavours, subtle seasonal delicacies and most of all, ample servings of friendship and lashings of joie de vivre.

Innovative and inspired yet steeped in history and tradition, Barossa Food comes straight from the heart.


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