66-68 Murray St Tanunda SA 5352
T. 1300 852 982 (within Australia only)
+61 8 8563 0600

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Barossa Food

The Barossa Food story is a multi-faceted, continually evolving ode to seasonality and regionality. It tells of fruit ripened to perfection and vegetables bursting with real flavour. Of milk and cheese that taste of goodness and of poultry, pork and lamb that are fed well and nurtured with kindness. Of artisan food prepared with care and passion. And of time-honored recipes passed down through six generations.


Dining Search

The Barossa boasts dozens of places to enjoy local produce with friends and family.

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The Barossa Food Story

Innovative and inspired yet steeped in history and tradition, Barossa Food comes straight from the heart.

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Barossa Food Traditions

The mouth-watering tapestry that is Barossa food weaves together old world culinary traditions with seasonality and Australian practicality

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Meet the Producer

Meet the Producer

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Farmers Markets

Fresh, regional, local and seasonal. That is the promise of the Farmer's Market experiences in Barossa.

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Seasons of the Barossa

Nothing is better than fresh produce. The Seasonal Guide aims to help you buy the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce the Barossa has to offer. Discover what fruit and vegetables are at their peak...and perhaps pick up a few tips on how to best enjoy them.

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Barossa Agricultural Shows

The history and tradition of Country shows is alive and well within the Barossa region.

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Barossa Food Sponsors

Barossa Food thanks our sponsors for their valuable support and their commitment to the continuing evolution of our region's food traditions.

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Did You Know?

""Autumn is a time when many foods are ripe for picking, often in the wild along roadsides. As you drive over bridges or look down into creeks you see the sudden gold of quinces ripening on rogue trees that must have been seeded from gardens of earlier settlers." Angela Heuzenroeder (Barossa Food)"