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Wine for Sale – Barossa

Wine for Sale

The Bulk Wine for Sale Register is a service provided by the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) for its members.

For more information on the wine that is listed in the register below, please click the ‘enquire here’ link to contact the winemaker.

BGWA MEMBERS: to add your bulk wine to the register, please login to the BGWA Member Area

6 results

Ref No. Region Variety Vintage Oak % Oak Type Volume Minimum Price Alcohol Percentage More Info
B00095 Barossa Valley Shiraz 2011 100% 2-4 Yr Old American and French 900L $3.50/L Enquire Here
B00096 Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016 100 6yo American & French Puncheons 10,800 $5/L 14.5 Enquire Here
B00097 Barossa Valley Grenache 2016 100% 5yo French Puncheons 2000 $5/L 15 Enquire Here
B00098 Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 20 French 20000 $3.20 14.5 Enquire Here
B00099 Barossa Valley Shiraz` 2016 French and american 50000 $3.50 14.5 Enquire Here
B00100 Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016 75% French 4720 $9 15.3 Enquire Here