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Barossa Trust Mark

Applications for the Barossa Trust Mark are now open!


Applications close 5pm, Friday 1 April 2016.

WHAT is the Barossa Trust Mark?

The Barossa Trust Mark is a mark of aspirational standard set by the Barossa region. It provides you with a guarantee and assurance of quality.

It is founded on five value pillars:

Origin - our sense of place

Integrity - our sense of purpose

Quality - our sense of ambition

Environment - our sense of responsibility

Community - our sense of belonging

Granted under licence, the Trust Mark is awarded to Barossan products and experiences that demonstrate exemplary achievement and distinction across these five areas of value creation. Trust Mark holders have a deep commitment to these values.

The Barossa Trust Mark is your assurance that the food, wine or tourism offering you are choosing is one that meets a standard of excellence, on which you can rely.

WHO can use the Barossa Trust Mark?

Barossa based businesses that have products and experiences that meet criteria set by the Barossa Trust Mark Inc. are eligible to apply to use the Barossa Trust Mark.

The Trust Mark will only be applied to individual products and experiences that meet a standard of excellence across the five value pillars.

An independent five-member Adjudication Panel reviews all applications and provides a recommendation to the Barossa Trust Mark Inc. Board to license successful applicants.

Successful applicants will become Barossa Trust Mark Licensees and are eligible to display the Barossa Trust Mark on their products and promotional materials as an independent endorsement.

The business producing or offering the product or experience must support the foundation values of the Barossa Trust Mark Inc.

WHO owns the Barossa Trust Mark?

Barossa Trust Mark Incorporated (“BTM Inc”) is a not-for-profit incorporated body with three foundation members; Barossa Grape & Wine Association Inc., Barossa Food Inc. and Tourism Barossa Inc..

BTM Inc. is the owner of the Barossa Trust Mark and managed by the Barossa Trust Mark Board. The BTM Inc. Board is made up of the three foundation member association Chairs:

  • Linda Bowes (Chairman, Barossa Grape & Wine Association Inc.);
  • Michael Wohlstadt (Chairman, Barossa Food Inc.); and
  • Chris Pfeiffer (Chairman, Tourism Barossa Inc.).


Barossa Trust Mark Licensees

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