A Towering Presence - Seppeltsfield



A distinguished family’s historic residence; a saintly mausoleum; a sentinel sweep of majestic palms; the crenelated towers of a fairytale castle; an unbroken-line of fortified treasures; an ambitious and visionary new owner.


The village of Seppeltsfield – for it truly is a community rather than a single building - cannot help but be dominated by the solid edifice and soaring towers of a winery that clearly dreams it is a castle…

Next to the winery, perched on a hill, is the poignant, classical form of the Seppelt family mausoleum, seemingly keeping a patient watch on the activity and purpose of the winery below and its vast gravity-fed tanks.

A quiet and determined revolution is currently underway, and once again the concrete lagars are full of the fruit of the estate’s ancient vines. The sleeping barrels of vintage fortifieds – an unbroken line of consecutive years dating back to 1878, and unparalleled in the world – are now being joined by an exciting new generation of table wines, crafted by the vision of a new owner, Warren Randall, and his expert winemaking team led by Fiona Donald.

Warren’s first role as a chief winemaker? Why, for the Seppelt family in their native Victoria! How curiously appropriate that he should be the returning hero of this particular tale, as a revered past now makes way for a bright and bold future…



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