Hope; Faith and Hunger! - Barossa Farmers Market



A community united in conversation; a respect for all things porcine; a big belief in small goods; and a sure knowledge that ‘good food’ was the original measure of any diplomatic process.


For many, little improves a Saturday morning more than a floury bap, a perfectly-yielding free range egg, and the warm, smoky crunch of Barossa bacon. Such is the weekend scene on the gravel outside Vintners, as stall-holders, early-risers and kitchen-obsessed casuals ebb and flow for business, sustenance and inspiration.

To imagine that this all about food and pleasure is a fair assumption, but that is just to notice the outward show. Beneath it all, it is tradition and initiation; it is growth and renewal; it is local pride and occasional prejudice; and it is always enquiry and discovery. It is the unshakeable feeling that something should continue simply because we all feel that it is ‘right’; and it is the comforting relief that not everything today is about conformity and convenience.

For those with a true belief in our sense of community, it is our weekend observation and our civic duty. It is as much about pumpkins, squash and quince, as it is about gossip, planning permission and pavement politics. It is where busy hands that placed wax paper atop jars of preserved fruit meet with those that tilled earth, pruned vines and pulled corks.

It is a rosy-cheeked, and ruddy-faced enterprise. It is who we are, and what we do best: Barossa-sourced hope; faith and hunger...



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