Local Flavours and Heroes - Appellation: The Louise



An abiding faith in local ingredients and skills; the belief that always being at your best is the only standard that matters; an informed perspective that knows and understands the well-travelled consumer.


There was a time when restaurant menus read like recipes, painstakingly explaining the method which had transformed the dish from the paddock to the plate.

The team at Appellation – under the dynamic direction of executive chef Ryan Edwards – has instead travelled a road less-travelled. Here, the detail and recognition goes to the local suppliers’ produce, rather than the collective kitchen’s technique, championing the provenance that makes its Barossa-sourced menu unique.

From Waechter ducks to Schulz’s bacon, via an array of locally-produced small-goods and artisan cheeses, Appellation consistently uncovers local ingredients and skills that challenge the accepted hierarchy of international food quality and service. The team has refused to accept that scale and reputation alone should define excellence, instead drawing upon the region’s rich history to ensure a contemporary food culture that both borrows from the past as well as looks to the future.

Community, tradition, method and a constant striving for exception and difference make Appellation a sought-after recipe in itself – world class ingredients with a distinctly local accent.



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