The Fire That Never Goes Out - Apex Bakery



A respect for tradition; an Adelaide firebox (oven) built in 1924; mallee root logs sawn from the Murray flats; and a commitment that hard work, patience and an uncompromising belief in quality is the only way to make anything.


Any good story will have its principal character - a hero or heroine that stands for more than the individual, and that in some evocative but complete way, represents the whole ‘purpose’ of the tale. If such is the case, then the Barossa’s most authentic touchstone is probably the Apex Bakery.

In all sorts of ways the Apex Bakery is a unique place to visit. It is a family business run by the three Fechner brothers, whose father, Keith - nicknamed Chiney - took his first and only job there as a 12-year old apprentice in 1924. It produces handmade breads and cakes that are a reflection of where they came from, and yet are only still possible because of their new home – conceived by tradition, but preserved by their exodus.

Since Nipper’s first watch the fire in the oven has only been out once, and the overnight 9-hour proving of the bread is still a vigil kept as solemnly as any religious duty of care.

The result is a unique taste of origin and past, which only still exists because a family believes so strongly in their craft, and so passionately in the Barossa’s future.



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