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The Trip Planner feature is a convenient, easy to use way to plan your next trip to the Barossa.

Tailor your own personalised itinerary by adding up to nine destinations to the Trip Planner then printing it out as a PDF.

Using the Trip Planner

  • Destinations can be added to the Trip Planner from the Winery & Eatery Search results.
  • Users can add up to nine destinations to the Trip Planner.
  • Trip Planner stores destinations during an active session. If the user closes the browser window the added destinations will be forgotten. However, if the user navigates away from the website in another browser window, the added destinations will be remembered.
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Download My Trip Planner PDF
  1. Peter Seppelt Wines

    Peter Seppelt Grand Cru Wood Oven Restaurant

    • Type: Eatery & Dining
    • Address: Lot 274 Laubes Road, Springton
    • Peter Seppelt Wines, the tradition continues. Dining: Grand Cru Wood Oven Restaurant, think weekends, think wood oven pizza. Bookings preferred.