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Barossa Chapters – Barossa

Barossa Chapters

The Barossa Chapters are the foundations of the Barossa regional story. They are not the story in itself, but rather the skeleton or structure that gives our story its shape. The Chapters offer focus and direction, and provide an easy point of entry, depending on your own personal interest or preferred line of enquiry – be it historical, gastronomic or purely vinous. 

Together they tie together our past, present and future, and offer an insight into the features that colour our changing landscape – both physical and cultural. The Chapters are all a work in progress, and even those that are founded in our historical past will continue to evolve as successive generations make their own, defining contribution.


Barossa Chapters: Rare & Distinguished

As a classic world wine region Barossa is distinguished by its rare and collectable wines - from old vine Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon to international award winning Riesling and 100…

Barossa Chapters: Generations

Maintaining a focus on the future while reflecting on the foundations of the past has enabled Barossa to ride out the cycles of wine industry fad and fashion. Its cohesive…

Barossa Chapters: Old Vines

Barossa's multi-generational vineyards have outlived phylloxera, floods, fires and wine industry booms and busts to be among the oldest in the world. Dry grown and low yielding they produce concentrated,…

Barossa Chapters: Shiraz

Barossa has a 175-year old tradition of producing Australia's finest Shiraz. Barossa Shiraz ranges from the famous and collectable to the friendly and approachable: from the traditional low-yielding, dry-grown style…

Barossa Chapters: Varieties

Barossa's uniqueness is its diverse palette of varieties and flavours and textures - certainly Shiraz but also dry grown Grenache and black-currant Cabernet, high country Chardonnay and old vine Semillon.…

Barossa Chapters: Barossa Grounds

Barossa Shiraz is an ever unfolding story of diversity - a story of how variety, climate, soil, landscape, grower and winemaker come together to create a tapestry of colours, aromas…

Barossa Chapters: Discovery

The growers and winemakers of Barossa are on a perpetual mission of innovation - rediscovering old varieties and making them into new fine wine styles or importing Italian and Spanish…

Barossa Chapters: Resilience

Grape-growing is a multi-generational commitment by the farming families of Barossa. Now new technology mixed with ancient wisdom is being used to meet the demands of a changing climate and…

Barossa Chapters: Flavours

The notion of an authentic Barossa regional cuisine comes down to three things: a passion for fresh ingredients grown nearby in our fertile soils; respect for the inherited learning from…

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