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Barossa Chapters – Barossa

Barossa Chapters

The Barossa Chapters are the foundations of the Barossa regional story. They are not the story in itself, but rather the skeleton or structure that gives our story its shape. The Chapters offer focus and direction, and provide an easy point of entry, depending on your own personal interest or preferred line of enquiry – be it historical, gastronomic or purely vinous. 

Together they tie together our past, present and future, and offer an insight into the features that colour our changing landscape – both physical and cultural. The Chapters are all a work in progress, and even those that are founded in our historical past will continue to evolve as successive generations make their own, defining contribution.


Rare & Distinguished

Rare and Distinguished can only mean the best of the best - an aspiration for, and a demonstration of, excellence and ambition on behalf of Barossa.


Generations is the connective tissue that holds together the past, the present and the future of Barossa

Barossa Old Vine Charter

In 2009, the Barossa Old Vine Charter was instituted to register vineyards by age, so that older vines could be preserved, retained and promoted.

Shiraz as our Hero

Shiraz has consistently been recognized as the region's - if not the country's - signature wine expression.

Regional Heroes

The Regional Heroes Chapter tells the story of the traditional hero varieties of Barossa; Riesling, Chardonnay and Semillon as the white varieties and Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache as the…

The Barossa Grounds

The Barossa Grounds Project was established in 2008 to evaluate the variations of wine-style across the Barossa Zone.


Barossa's connection with world-class Shiraz is well established, and not much of a notion for debate. But, within both the Barossa and Eden Valleys, there is always some unturned stone…


Barossa vignerons are creating a more resilient landscape in many ways


Barossa has a strong and established food identity

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