Featured Winery: Hentley Farm

You might think that the parishes of Marananga and Greenock Creek had already determined the best expression of their unique signatures of glossy, black stone fruit and sweet, fennel-scented herb, but there is now a serious new contender.

Since it's quiet establishment in 1997, Hentley Farm has already earned an enviable reputation for its wines, and is now on the threshold of leading the state and region in terms of cellar door hospitality and ground-breaking gastronomy.

Hentley Farm Cellar Door LargeA new cellar door now presents a wine and food pairing experience based as much on audacity as on ingredients – a freshly-shucked tomato, laced with virgin olive oil, crunchy sea salt and fresh goat’s curd; a foie-gras parfait so silky-smooth and rich that it has to be served straight from a shot glass; a perfectly-pressed stack of salmon tartare, gently enlivened with wild garlic from the surrounding hedgerows…

A strikingly original gastronomic voyage without leaving the comfort of your vintage club chair, and quite simply, an exciting new way to learn about wine and food!


Hentley Farm Restaurant


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