The Barossa: Rare & Distinguished

The Barossa: Rare and Distinguished

There can be little doubt that if Australia has a regional wine story that has resonance around the world then it is The Barossa, comprised as it is of Barossa Valley and its elevated, beautiful high country, Eden Valley.

But The Barossa is more than just a wine region, it is also a vital culture of generational fine wine endeavour, pioneering European influence, gastronomic excellence and strong community spirit. Above all, it is pride in a local sense of purpose and belonging.

Rare and Distinguished can only mean the best of the best – the greatest and most eked-out expression of your estate and philosophy that you can express. It is not inclusive in its make-up, but it is democratic in the benefit that it confers – an aspiration for, and a demonstration of, excellence and ambition on behalf of the Barossa.

Barossa Rare and Distinguished cannot be emulated by anyone else, or anywhere else.

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