SchuAm Pork is produced by brother in laws Daniel Schuster and Damien Amery on their farming property in Freeling in South Australia's beautiful Barossa Valley. There have been white pigs grown on the property for over 50 years, but in 2005, after speaking to local chefs, Daniel and Damien realised there was an increasing demand for premium pork products and set about producing the perfect Berkshire pig on the family farm. Branding their product SchuAm Pork (from the family names Schuster and Amery), they began selling their product at the local Barossa Farmers Market. SchuAm Pork quickly became sought after by restaurateurs and consumers alike for its premium quality and consistently outstanding flavour. SchuAm Pork was recognised in the Delicious Produce Awards as producer of the year in 2012. SchuAm Pork can be savoured at many of the Barossa's top food venues and is available for purchase at the Freeling Butcher shop.