About the Barossa Trust Mark

The Barossa Trust Mark is the first program of its kind in Australia. An independently assessed mark of quality and integrity, it represents the best of Barossa across a full range of food, wine and tourism experiences. Holders of a Barossa Trust Mark have something to be very proud of - a Trust Mark should be celebrated!  

The Five Pillars

The Barossa Trust Mark is awarded to Barossa produce, products and experiences that have met a high standard of quality, authenticity, care and integrity in production.

To be awarded, applicants must undergo a rigorous independent judging process and demonstrate that they have met a high standard across five pillars:

Our Barossa Trust Mark product or experience originates here. It’s grown here, processed here and is made from local ingredients. This pillar represents our sense of place in the Barossa.  

We meet a recognised standard of quality; we have striven for and achieved the highest standards in every stage of production. This pillar represents our sense of ambition and excellence.  

We have an awareness of the fragile environment on which we rely and have demonstrated our efforts to protect it through our production processes and our day-to-day operations. This pillar represents our sense of responsibility and sustainability.  

Our business looks out for others in our community and we contribute whenever we can to make it even better. This is a special place to live and work, and we look after each other. This pillar represents our sense of belonging and pride in the Barossa.  

We run our business with integrity and are committed to encouraging and promoting the ongoing development of businesses in the region. This pillar represents our sense of purpose and authenticity.

Our History 

Following many years of collaboration and innovation between the Barossa's three regional stakeholder groups - the Barossa Grape and Wine Association, Tourism Barossa and Barossa Food, the Barossa Trust Mark was established in the 2013, with ten statuettes being awarded in this first year. From here, the Barossa Trust Mark has grown to include almost fifty licence holders, covering food, wine and tourism experiences from across the Barossa. To discover and explore all our current Barossa Trust Mark holders, please click here.

Our Future

The future is bright for the Barossa Trust Mark. We will continue to seek out and celebrate those Barossa food, wine and tourism experiences which meet and exceed our high standards and bring them to the world! We welcomed ten more Barossa Trust Mark holders to our community in 2016 and look forward to doing the same again in coming years. If you would like to join our community of friends and be among the first to hear our news and insights and receive a seasonal newsletter, please let us know by clicking here. If you are a Barossa business who thinks you meet the standards necessary to hold a Barossa Trust Mark, we'd love to hear from you. You can learn more about the application process here.

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