Glen Eldon Wines: Dry Bore Shiraz

Glend Eldon Wines: Dry Bore ShirazAs the name suggests, the original block of Shiraz planted on the Glen Eldon Estate was irrigated via a bore. When the bore dried up the vineyard was left to survive on what Mother Nature provided. Today the owners have reinstated a new bore and are able to keep the vines alive and produce small parcels of intensely flavoured fruit.

The Glen Eldon philosophy of minimal intervention allows the vineyards to exhibit the true regional characters that Barossa Shiraz has become famous for, the world over. Each individual block of Shiraz is kept separate through the fermentation and maturation process – this allows winemaker Richard Sheedy to select only the best parcels for Dry Bore Shiraz.

Contact: Richard Sheedy
Phone: (08) 8563 2771