Poonawatta: The 1880 Shiraz

In the winter of 1880 Ferdinand Vorwerk, with the support of some local labour, planted 24 rows of Shiraz next to a small creek on the Poonawatta The 1880eastern side of Eden Valley’s Flaxman Valley. We believe this was the first vineyard to be planted in the Flaxman Valley area.

The Holt family purchased the Poonawatta property in 1966. The vines, then in their 80s, had fallen into a state of neglect and it took a number of years of care and attention to bring the vineyard back into viable production.

Today these treasured old vines produce small crops of beautify structured and flavoured berries, and The 1880 Shiraz is now firmly entrenched as the cornerstone of the Poonawatta brand, and the flagship wine of the portfolio.

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