Teusner: Joshua

Teusner‘Joshua’ was the name given to the very first wine made and released by Teusner Wines in 2002. For anyone who has ever met Kym Teusner and Mick Page, it would come as no surprise to learn that the idea for Teusner Wines was conceived at the pub over a few beers. Sitting at the bar, they’d been listening to a couple of old growers have a whine about the low, low prices being paid for their old vine Grenache…to the point they were going to rip out the vines and plant Chardonnay! Now whilst they’re not adverse to the odd glass of Chardonnay, planting it in the dry soils of Ebenezer is akin to drinking light beer…just not on! So it was left to Kym and Mick to hatch a rescue plan. Scrambling together some cash, the grapes found a new home, the vines stayed in the ground where they belong and Teusner Wines was born.

That first wine, like Mick’s first son, was called Joshua…a blend of old vine Grenache and Mataro from vineyards at Ebenezer with a splash of Shiraz. Joshua is kept away from oak during maturation and released young to showcase the kind of juicy, spicy, flavorsome Barossa reds that Kym and Mick like to knock back over lunch with a plate of the good gear from Linke’s butcher in Nuriootpa. In many ways, Joshua defines Teusner as a winemaker. The decision to release a Grenache blend as our first wine embraced our love of the old vineyards and the heritage grape varieties of the Barossa, and our belief that whilst Barossa Shiraz was great, Grenache and Mataro were worthy of at least equal, if not greater, respect. Today, no matter where we are in the world and no matter who we’re meeting, there’s always a bottle of Joshua at hand serving to define who we are as winemakers, where we come from, and the type of wines we love to make and drink.


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