Apex Bakery: 1924 Dough Ferment Loaf

Apex Bakery: 1924 Dough Ferment LoafThe Barossa is the Apex Bakery’s home and the Fechner family have been part of the Barossa community for three generations.

Current owner Corey Fechner’s grandfather, Keith “Chiney” Fechner kept the old school ethos alive at Apex; when other bakeries changed to gas or electric ovens, he stayed with wood, when others went to no time doughs, he stayed with slow ferment and when others started adding preservatives, he stuck to the old clean recipe.

The original Scotch Oven is still churning out breads, cakes and their famous pasties, unchanged and unrestored since the day it was first fired in 1924. The recipe used to make the 1924 Dough Ferment loaf dates back to before 1924 when the Apex Bakery was founded. It is an old English recipe that was adopted by German settlers in the area.

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