Barossa Regional Gallery, Tanunda

Thursday 11 July 2019

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Phone: 08 8563 8340

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Do you have a blue budgie named Bill who is brilliant at board games? Or a goldfish named Garry who likes to play golf? How about a mischievous mouse, a rebellious rabbit or daredevil dog named Derick? If so then you will thoroughly enjoy this Pets and Poems workshop with artist, Lauren Herraman!

The purpose is to be as playful as possible by producing an artwork that places your pet in all sorts of exciting scenes and scenarios. You will also be encouraged to explore your creative writing skills and conjure up a poem or short story to accompany your piece. I will teach you some great drawing techniques and activities using pens, pencils, crayons and watercolours. Who knows what potentially puzzling plots you will plan for your pets to paw their way out of.

Make sure you bring along a photo of your pet or favourite animal to use as a reference.

Ages: 7-12 years.