346 Tweedies Gully Road, LYNDOCH

Phone: 0414 851 812 (Michael)

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Michael Wohlstadt runs a small mixed farm in the foothills of the Barossa ranges and began raising heritage breed Berkshire and Tamworth pigs in early 2011. This is a true free-range herd. These breeds are known for their tender and moist meat giving pork, ham, bacon and cured meats a unique, rich colour and distinct flavour. Michael's farming is small scale and sustainable. Based on his philosophy that old ways are often the best ways, he discovered that he could use the milk from his Jersey cows to feed the pigs, much the same as farmers used to do for centuries. As recently as 50 years ago, farmers with small mixed farms would keep a small dairy herd, which supplied cream for a cash income and fed the whey to the pigs to produce pork for the family table. This waste not, want not approach has a natural synergy with Michael's philosophy of land and animal care and he found that the inclusion of milk in the pigs' diet created a distinct flavour that has become highly sought after by food enthusiasts. Michael also produces butter and cream for sale.

Available weekly from Barossa Farmers Market and by order