Jersey Fresh

Jersey Fresh comes straight from Carcoola, a 180-acre family farm in the western Barossa. Jeff and Erica Kernich are at the top of the family tree, followed by daughters Amy, Paula and Lisa and son Mark, all working on the farm with partners who help out when they can. Currently the next generation numbers six with another on the way.

The Kernich family began Jersey Fresh in 2004 when deregulation of the Australian dairy industry ended and they were forced to make a choice: increase the size of their Jersey herd from 100 to 500, sell the farm or get proactive and value add. They chose to take the plunge and value add – Jersey Fresh Milk was born. There are currently 90 cows in the herd producing approximately 1,400 litres of beautiful, sweet milk every day.

Because their aim is to give customers the most natural product that they can, the Kernichs do not homogenise Jersey Fresh Milk. “Our milk tastes like milk should and the cream rises to the top of the bottle,” says Lisa. “Don’t forget to shake the bottle before pouring!”

 4% Milk (Full Cream) – 2ltr and 1ltr (250ml available at the Barossa Farmers Market)
1% Milk (Skim) – 2ltr and 1ltr
Dolloping cream – 300ml
Pouring Cream – 300ml and 1ltr
Commercial catering packs of cream by advance order 

Every Saturday at the Barossa Farmers Market, supermarkets in the Barossa, shops in Kapunda, Clare, Auburn and Adelaide. Contact them for a complete list of stockists. 

 Jersey Fresh

Contact: Lisa Werner
Phone: +61(0)8 8562 8113
Fax: +61(0)8 8562 8520
Address: GREENOCK SA 5360


Jersey Fresh Goat Cheese PANNA COTTA with Vino Cotto 

 Serves 8 as an entrée (a lovely first course and surprises guests with its mild silky texture) 

250ml Jersey Fresh Cream
250ml Jersey Fresh Milk
3-4 gelatine leaves depends on their strength
150gm soft goats cheese
1 sprig rosemary
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
6 cups baby salad leaves
1 cup toasted walnuts
Olive oil to dress 

Warm the cream and milk with the rosemary sprig. Add the salt and sugar and whisk. Remove from the heat and whisk in the crumbled cheese until combined. 
Soak the gelatin leaves in water until soft, squeeze out any excess water and add to the cream mixture while still warm. Whisk to combine. 
Oil 12 dariole molds and fill with the mixture. Cover and place in refrigerator to set overnight. 
Toss the salad leaves with the olive oil and season with sea salt and pepper. 
 Place leaves in the middle of the plate, turn the Panna Cotta out onto the plate. 
 Serve with a drizzle of vino cotto and a sprinkle of walnuts.