The Barossa food story is a multi-faceted, continually evolving ode to seasonality and regionality. It tells of fruit ripened to perfection and vegetables bursting with real flavour. Of milk and cheese that taste of goodness and of poultry, pork and lamb that are fed well and nurtured with kindness. Of artisan food prepared with care and passion. And of time-honoured recipes passed down through six generations. Learn more about the passionate people involved in the food industry in the Barossa region...

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Dining Search

'Barossa - Be Consumed' showed the world the amazing food culture of Barossa. Experience a restaurant degustation with local wines, a table of shared dishes showcasing local produce or simply enjoy a humble but delicious bakery pie. Find your Barossa dining experience.
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The Barossa Food Story

The Barossa, renowned for its world-class wines, has a rich and flavourful food culture that has been gently simmering away since the arrival of English and German settlers in the 1840s. In so many ways, this culinary heritage is the backbone of the modern Barossa community...
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Meet Our Members

Meet the members of Barossa Food, including farmers, growers, food producers, brewers, bakers, cafes and restaurants. See the passion these businesses have for food in the Barossa region.
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Barossa Food Traditions

The early settlers had no idea that their hard work and self-sustaining lifestyle would be the source of inspiration for generations to come. The history of Barossa food is a living, evolving story, reinterpreted each day on the region's tables.
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Meet the Producer

Barossa Food's Meet the Producer allows you to learn more about food producers of the Barossa.
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Farmers Markets

Buy direct from the people who grow and make your food, hear their stories and learn about our regional produce.
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Barossa Trust Mark Food Licencees