Barossa Grape & Wine Association

Established in 2008, the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) represents over 150 wineries and 550 grape growers.

BGWA offer an extensive range of services and projects, with further details in pages below.

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About BGWA

The Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) is responsible for promoting the Barossa Brand. It serves as the representative body for communicating the Barossa Vision through highlighting its people and places.
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BGWA Member Tool Kit

Released at the BGWA AGM in 2014, the Member Tool Kit includes Barossa imagery, videos, maps and much more. Available to financial members of the BGWA.
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BGWA Member Events

Find out more about events for BGWA Members
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BGWA Member News

Find out what's happening at BGWA and in the Barossa
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Barossa Wine Show

Keep up to date with the Barossa Wine Show.
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BGWA Annual General Meeting Information
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BGWA Projects & Initiatives

Through the implementation of the Barossa Grape & Wine Association strategy, a range of projects and initiatives are delivered that support the Barossa grape growing and winemaking community. Once completed, project reports can be viewed here.
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BGWA / NRM Partnership Projects

The BGWA has instigated several environmental projects, under the umbrella of "Creating Resilient Landscapes in the Barossa", with the assistance of funding from Natural Resources, Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges.
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Information & Resources

Get your copies of social media posters, maps, presentations and much more..
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More information on businesses who are involved with the Barossa Grape & Wine Association
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Grapes for Sale

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Wine for Sale

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Contact BGWA

Get in contact with the Barossa Grape & Wine Association
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BGWA Members Area

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Barossa Grape & Wine Association Videos
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Barossa Vine Improvement

Barossa Vine Improvement, also known as the Barossa Grapegrowers' Vine Selection Society Inc (BGVSS), was formed in 1967 by local growers and viticultural researchers with a focus on developing new clones and high quality vinifera source blocks in the Barossa.