As one of the first settlements in the Barossa, the early residents of Krondorf are well-represented in historical records and played an active role in local and state politics. However this was farming land first and foremost and, along with its neighbouring village of Bethany, Krondorf remains one of the best-preserved examples of the original hufendorf agricultural practices of its Silesan and Prussian settlers.

The village clearly displays the traditional layout of an early Barossa village with the Zum Kripplein Christi (Manger of Christ) Lutheran Church, built in 1864 still proudly standing sentry over the area and the small and lovingly maintained cemetery located the traditional quarter mile up the road. A few minutes of quiet reflection here is a powerful reminder of the enormity of the task that faced the early settlers of the Barossa and the role that their unwavering faith played in their lives.

More worldly aspirations can be satisfied by the cluster of wineries that grace Krondorf Road. St Hallett, Rockford Wines, Kabminye, Charlie Melton and Grant Burge all offer tastings and sales while a number of accommodation options allow visitors to spend a little more time exploring this beautiful corner of the Barossa.