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Irvine Wines – Barossa

Irvine Wines was established in the peaceful Eden Valley in 1980 by highly talented winemaker James Irvine and his wife Marjorie.

James and Marjorie made a conscious decision to focus on the huge task of niche marketing rarer varieties such as Merlot, Zinfandel, Pinot Gris and Meslier (an ancient variety from the Champagne region of France).

Together we have created interest and enthusiasm among knowledgeable wine enthusiasts who understand the need to be different and excellent.

We continually update our knowledge of world wines in our field, of every price, from any country, in our continued attention to detail which is part of our strength.

We have our customers’ desires well ahead of our own, having now won “World’s Best Merlot” on three occasions and being placed in the top ten several times, we believe we have clearly shown our understanding and our ability to make truly excellent and memorable wines.

At 400 metres above sea level on older well drained soils our vines consistently produce fruit that gives us the ability to create wines of elegance, power, intense varietal expression and longevity.

Now recognized globally as Australia’s Master Merlot Makers, we promote Eden Valley as a brilliant region for growing super premium Merlot.

When drinking Merlot at its best, a unique sense of pleasure can be found in the rich luxurious aromas and magnificent flavours of the wine, giving an experience that can last a lifetime.

James says “By nature, every winery strives to make classic wines. By nature, this opportunity does not come often. By man, then the need to recognize the ultimate when it occurs is critical if the opportunity is to be seized.”

Joanne Irvine, gifted daughter of James and Marjorie is now responsible for most of our winemaking, having been previously awarded red winemaker of the year, Joanne consistently wins awards for our regionally expressive boutique wines.

We invite you to enjoy our unique wines at Taste Eden Valley, 6 Washington Street Angaston, Barossa Valley South Australia.