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Turkey Flat Vineyards – Barossa

We are Turkey Flat, proud custodians of an unbroken line of commitment to Barossa viticulture and wine that stretches back five generations to the planting of our first ‘ancestor’ vines in 1847. In keeping with this unique heritage and tradition, we produce wines that are a true and consistent expression of Barossa terroir: wines of elegance, grace and refined power.

Our story begins in the vineyard where our philosophy is to work with the environment, with minimal intervention. We nurture our vines to grow and develop their own character based on what each takes from the Barossa’s ancient and diverse soils and microclimate. 

Once in the winery we use a conscious and artful mix of old and new winemaking techniques to provide the best expression of our purpose and place.

Turkey Flat, custodians of distinctive elegance.

Opening Hours: 11am-5pm 7 days.

trust mark

Awarded the Barossa Trust Mark for their Cellar Door Experience